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BEST Realty Property Management
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Landlords Thank You Very Much  
BEST Works for YOUR Success !
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"Since 1983" 


Phil Cassell For 12 years now I Buy, Rent & Sell with Best Realty. I used to be a Realtor and My Wife Mary and I Love the personal service.
Neil Derry, A County Supervisor: I had terrible problems with a Tenant. BEST came in and got the Tenant to leave without eviction, which I did not think could be done. BEST then took over the Property Management. Now that I see what BEST can do for Me that I could not do for myself. Now I'm going to buy another now that I found a Great Property Manager !
Xue Zang (Multi Family), Thanks to Best Realty's Team. Smooth buying the Duplex for me. They now manage as a Rental and take care of everything for me and I received my rental check on time every month. Best Realty is the BEST. 很感恩能找到Best Realty Property Management 為我管理房子出租。我什麼也不用做,每個月按時收到支票。謝謝你們全體員工。
Dr Lee, I have 18 Investment Properties. BEST Realty's Property Management is excellent for us because of the Collections, Repairs and Steadiness of Payments. We appreciate this.
Dr. Denise Hung (Multi Family Units ), Having Best Realty Manage My Property gave me Peace of Mind. With Trent's experience in both as a Realtor, Property Manager and Construction, You Know Your Investment will be Protected!
Barbara Innes (Full Time Investor), I also am always looking to buy with Best Realty. I have 9 rentals here in Riverside. Best Property Management is the better firm I've used by far. The service of those rentals is perfect and lets me travel.
Harini Naidu, I own 3 rental properties throughout Riverside and Moreno Valley and I would have to say that the staff here are very prompt and friendly. They are very helpful in answering any questions you have and I would recommend them to protect your real estate investment.
David Shen, I am a UCR Professor and have bought 6 Rental Condo's around the University I had lots of problems with other managers. But since using Best Property Management I have time to spend with my family and feel reassured with My Rentals.

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