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We Work for Your Successfulness !

We Coordinate the Lawyer Filing Dates and Appearance

·       Our Court Appearance Fee to Evict Your BAD Tenants is $95.

·       Attorneys fee is around $690

We Serve the "3 Day Notice To Pay or Quit".

Then it takes 3 weeks to get on the Court Calendar. If the Tenant Files a response to go to Court, another $100 is required by the Lawyer. Then possession of the property with a Sheriff's Lock-Out will be another 3 - 4 weeks to allow the Bad Renter to move out. All of this is a ridiculous long and expensive !

We then offer Cash for Keys to move them out quicker. This saves you a lot of money if I can pull this off. Half the time I can get them to move out cheaper and before the eviction.


We Start the Eviction and Work Until Property is Leased to a Quality Tenant Qualified to Rent Long Term.

 I Have Never Lost in Court