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BEST Realty Property Management
"We Work for the LANDLORDS Success " Old Fashion Service ~ Old Fashion Prices #01906825 | Office: 951 - 788 - 8250


We Evict and Replace Tenants

...BEST Realty  does  All  the  Work  for  EVICTIONS !...
.~ Unlawful Detainers ~ Sheriff Lock Outs ~   
" Problems Solved & Goals Achieved "

Landlord's Tenant Problems?  We take the Brunt of Your Problems Professionally Head-On against the Tenant for You ! Again We work for Your Personal Successfulness 
  • I Never have Lost in Court to a Renter
  • Evict Your BAD Tenants Out for a Fee of $100
  • Court Appearances at 8 am for You
  • 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit  
  • Coordinate the Lawyer Filing Dates and Appearances
  • The Attorneys fee is around $680 depending on your case. 

(1.) Best Realty Serves the 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit.

(2.) Attorney files the suit, then it takes 3-4 weeks to get on the Court Calendar.
(3.) If the Tenant responses with a challenge and to go to Court,  then it is another $100 required by the Lawyer for another show up fee.
(4.) After the Detainer Action against the Tenant, possession of the property will be another 3 weeks to allow the Bad Renter more than enough time to move out. It is known this is ridiculously long and expensive. The $100 You spend with us is a Good Deal for Your Peace of Mind.

FIRST we work hard with the BAD Tenant  

by offering options to move them out quicker. This saves you a lot of money if when we professionally negotiate this on your behalf. Most of the time we can get bad renter to move out before the Eviction Process begins. That is why you want to call Us to work for You.  

" We Work for Your Success "

BEST's Good Judgment come from Experience "since 1983"