Property Asset Management Plan..    


·                                                                                                            Monthly Reports with Vendors Statements Detailed

·                                                                                                           Accounting: Receivables and Payables

·                                                                                                            Develop CAM Budget and Financial Analysis

·                                                                                                            Rent Roll Reports with Verified Year End CPA

·                                                                                                            Enforce Lease Agreements and Renewals

·                                                                                                            Tenant Relations with Lease & Code Compliance

·                                                                                                            Maintenance Management with Vendors

·                                                                                                            Regular Site Inspections

·                                                                                                            Trouble Shoot all Property Issues Ahead of Time

·                                                                                                            CAM Responsibilities

·                                                                                                            Tenants Insurance Requirements met


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  •                                                               ROI Adherence for a good CAP rate
  •                                                               Your Best Professional Representation
  •                                                               Best & Highest Price for Your Property
  •                                                               Professional Staging Your Listing  
  •                                                               State of the Art of Industry Advertising
  •                                                               Available 24/7 for Your Communication
  •                                                               Electric Financial Transfers to You Bank


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