6.9 %   Residential Management

5.9 % Multi-Family Properties

$395  Finding a Qualified Renter / Quality Tenant

 Why a Landlord Should Use 
Property Management

Being Landlord, there’s a huge Renters Obligations and Rights, Fair Housing Laws, Owners Requirements and Rights, Collecting, Late Fees, Notice Serving procedures, Landlords Tax Deductions, Investments, Estoppels, Move-In Move Out Procedures, Evictions, Unlawful Detainers Sheriff Lock-Outs. Contacting Us You will find us Professionally ready, willing and able to be helpful with    Good Real Estate Decision current information you may need to make a with the current Laws and Industry Standards.

What We do for You     

                                                                    1.    We Keep You Anonymous from the Renter

                                                                            2.    Collections ~ Rents and Late Fees Guaranteed

                                                                            3.    Deposits ~ Electronic Financial Transferred or Mailed

                                                                           4.    Statements ~ Monthly On-Line and Mailed

                                                                           5.    Advertising ~ All Websites, Post, Sign and Flyerbox

                                                                           6.    Repairs ~ Quality ~ Service ~ Price

                                                                           7.    Inspections ~ Real Estate Asset Property Standards

                                                                           8.    New Tenants ~ We Help You Choose the Quality Tenant You Want

While you might not initially think to use a Property Management Agent when Renting Out Your Investment.  But a Professional Search for a Qualified Tenant can give you a significant advantage in the Rental field. Some of those benefits are on TABS above.

Tenant Requirements:

 Never Evicted ~ Monthly Income 2.5 X's the Rent ~ First and Last Move-In Cost. Veirfy Last Landlord, Employer and Criminal Reports.

We Take the Brunt of all Issues providing Peace of Mind & Assurance !
Email or Call Us Now for a Estimate of the Rents Price You should be Getting Now !


  •                                                 California Realtors Association Lease
  •                                                                                       Insurance Requirements
  •                                                 Tenants Mold Control Requirements
  •                                                  Occupancy Agreement
  •                                                  BEST's Respect Rules & Regulations (42 Pages)
  •                                                  Tenants Security Deposit withdrawal Policy
  •                                                  Security Deposit Estoppel
  •                                                  A/C and Thermostat care
  •                                                  Wear & Tear Responsibilities
  •                                                 Tenants Property Care Knowledge Responsibilities 
  •                                                 Move-In & Move-Out form with Pictures
  •                                                  Renters Insurance Requirements
  •                                                  Detectors Know How
  •                                                  ADA Compliance Disclosure
  •                                                 Late Fee Policy Agreement
  •                                                 Lead Paint Disclosure

We Take the  B R U N T of all  Issues  .

d" and Assurance...

Our Promise of "Peace of Mind"

Below are just some the Rentals


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