~ Q u a l i f i e d    R e n t e r ~

~ Q u a l i t y     T e n a n t ~
Properly How the property is advertised is the start of a Managers relationship with the tenant. Therefore we use a professional approach with all the procedures to apply, signing the contract and respecting the property as a Tenant. Our Tenants contact is 18 pages long with amendments covering everything I have experienced since 1983.

Why a First Time Landlord Should Hire a Professional Property Manager

Being a New landlord, there’s a huge learning curve ahead of you. For example Renters Obligations and Rights, Fair Housing Laws, Owners Requirements and Rights, Collecting, Late Fees, Notice Serving procedures, Landlords Tax Deductions, Investments, Estoppels, Move-In Move Out Procedures, Evictions, Unlawful Detainers Sheriff Lock-Outs. Contacting Us You will find us Professionally ready, willing and able to be helpful with any current information you may need to make a Good Real Estate Decision with the current Laws and Industry Standards.

Anonymous to the Renter

                                 Collections ~ Rents and Late Fees if needed

                                 Deposits ~ Electronic Financial Transfers or Mailed

                                 Statements ~ Monthly On-Line or Mailed

                                 Advertising ~ All Websites also Post, Sign, Flyerbox

                                 Repairs ~ Quality ~ Service ~ Price

                                 Inspections ~ of Your Rental Investment Regularly

                                 New Renters ~ We help You Choose the Tenant You Want.

While you might not initially think to use a Property Management Agent when renting out to Qualified Tenant, hiring one can give you a significant advantage in the rental field. Some of these benefits include:

Rent to Quality Tenant with Our Professional Experience & Approach

Properly Qualified Renter ~ Quality Tenant That will Respect Your Investment TENANT:

Never Evicted ~ Credit ~ Background ~ Criminal

Verify Income 2.5 times the rent, ~ Employment ~ Last Landlord ~ Bank Records

Move-In Total is First and Last Month Rent

We Take the Brunt of all the Hassles providing Peace of Mind & Assurance !

Call Us now to Set-Up a Plan for Your Successfulness

BEST Realty Property Management Inc. "Since 1983"

* Problems Solved *
* Goals Achieved *

Qualified Renter is a Quality Tenant

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