•            Timely Accurate Statements
  •            Receive and Pay Electronically
  •            Collect Rents
  •            Collect any Late Fees
  •            Clear Communication
  •            General Inspections
  •            State and Local Laws Adhered
  •            Eliminate Legal Risks
  •            Safety Issues for Insurance Coverage
  •            Negotiate Updates of Vacancies
  •            Rents are Competitive
  •            Maintenance Regularly


....The Handymen Maintain Bonds ~ Insurance ~ License for Your Safety ....

We Take the Brunt of All Issues for YOU !



 Collections ..
Our Software emails all Tenants on the 3d that after the 5th will be a Late Fee of 10% and $10 per day thereafter. We take the funds out of the Deposit. Then serve 3-Day Notice to bring Security Deposit  back to current.
..Property & Landlord Protection..

It is Our Job to have Tenants Respect the Property. We Protect Your Investments Good Condition to Insure Maintenance of the Structures Integrity 

...Accurate Monthly Accounting...

Landlords: 24/7 Check On-Line Your Own Account and get Paid On-Line

All Income, Expenses, Rents, Deposits, Late Fees, Maintenance & HOA Reports.   CPA Year End Verified 1099
...Legal Assistance...
     ...Evictions ~ Unlawful Detainers ~ Sheriff Lock Out ~ Notice Service...
We Go to Court for You as Professionals, We have never lost in Court.     

...New Health and Safety Codes...

   The Health and Safety Codes of Fair Housing, HUD and City Codes are all adhere to.

...WE take the Management B R U N T of all  Issues  ..

"Old Fashioned Service ~ Old Fashioned Prices"

Landlords can have "Peace of Mind" and Assurance Again. We will have you staying Home and Get a Monthly Payment on Time ~ YOU DESERVE IT ! 


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