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Professional Staging Open Houses for Your Rental Listing
Advertising Everywhere Possible
Freshly Painted Post, Sign, Flyer Box and Rider
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"We Work for Your Personal Success"


We Do Full Manage for 7.5 - 9 % Depending on the Property. We charge $350 to find a Qualified Renter to become a Quality Tenant for YOU !  We Work for Your Success Protecting the Investment and have the Tenant Respecting the Property the way YOU Want ! 
But if You want Us to Find a Quality Tenant for You to Self- Manage it is $700. 
.Professional Collections of Rents Owed...
Our Software emails all Tenants on the 3d if they are Late.  Tenants Know Paying after the 5th will be a Late Fee of 10%.  We Will take the Late Fees Owed out of the Renters Security Deposit.

..Property & Landlord Protection..

Income Property is a Valuable Financial Asset. It is Our Job to have Tenants Respect the Property. We Protect Your Investments Good Condition to Insure Maintenance of the Structures Integrity

...Accurate Monthly Accounting...

Landlords: 24/7 Check Your Own Account On-Line

All Income and Expenses regarding Your Real Estate Investment: Rents, Deposits, Late Fees, Maintenance/Repairs, Utilities, HOA Reports and more.
We can pay On-Line to or make Your deposit at Your bank. 

CPA Year End Verified 1099


...Legal Assistance...

...Evictions ~ Unlawful Detainers ~ Sheriff Lock Out ~ Notice Service...
We Adhere to the New Real Estate Investments current Regulatory Laws. Many issues have Legal twists and turns involved with Property Management as You well know as a Landlord.  As Professionals, we appreciate using Our Special Knowledge for Helpfulness. Email us now to on-line chat.
BEST Realty has experienced Real Estate Attorneys for Our use. We Prepare and Serve all the legal Real Estate Documents needed and Serve those Documents. YOU DO NOT GO TO COURT.   An Attorney and BEST Represents You.

...New Health and Safety Codes...

The Health and Safety Codes of Fair Housing, HUD and City Codes are all adhere to by BEST Realty for Your Asset Protection  with assurance that all is going well for Your "Peace of Mind" 

...WE take the B R U N T of all the Real Estate Issues for You. ..

We will have YOU Getting a Monthly Payment on Time ~ YOU DESERVE IT !

"Old Fashioned Service ~ Old Fashioned Prices"