TENANT's Contract

Rental Contract Include

  1. California Realtors Association Lease
  2. Insurance Requirements
  3. Tenants Mold Control Requirements
  4. Occupancy Agreement
  5. BEST's Respect Rules & Regulations (42 of them)
  6. Tenants Security Deposit withdrawal Policy
  7. Security Deposit Estoppel
  8. Security Deposit with with drawl procedures
  9. A/C and Thermostat care
  10. Wear & Tear Responsibilities
  11. Home Care Knowledge of Property Responsibilities
  12. Move-In & Move-Out form with Pictures
  13. Renters Insurance Requirements
  14. Detectors Know How
  15. Water Heater Bracing Compliance
  16. Late Fee Policy Agreement
  17. Pet Disclosure
  18. Lead Paint Disclosure

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