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BEST Realty Property Management, Inc.
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  •  ANONYMOUS     Tenant  Never Knows Who You Are is!
  • Collections            We 


    Pursued & Any Late Fees Guaranteed 

  • Payments.......      2 - 3 Days: Check, Auto Deposit  or  Electronically
  • Statements           Accurate Monthly & Yearly  Reports    
  • Inspections           Of the Property -Your Real Estate Investment
  • Maintenance         Quality ~ Service ~ Price
  • Advertising           World Wide on 32 different search engine sites!
  • Reports                 Credit ~ Evictions ~ Criminal ~ Landlord ~ Employer 
 (   24/7 Emergency Hot Line .... to Protect Your Investment
Best Realty Property Management Tenant Requirements
  • Never Be Evicted   ..............               
  • Income of 2 1/2  Times  the Rent....... 
  • First  Month & Last Month to Move-In 
  • Credit  Score Of At Least  550   \        
  • Clear  Criminal Record      ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  
  • Check Last Landlord              ,,,,,,,,,,    
  • Employer or Source of Funds ,,,,,,,,,,,  
"Personal Caring Integrity'  is what Our Owners Know Us for .Our Services   At BEST'S Realty Property Management is why they Stay. We are confident You too would  appreciate our Concern for Your Investment. We Have Tenants Respected Your Real Estate Asset. 
Fees$ $100 Set Up Fee (FREE 1st Month of Service)
Full Monthly Service ................ 7.5%  to  10 %
         Quality Tenant Placement  ..........  $ 325
Apartment Monthly Service Per Door ....... 5.5 %
BEST'S Realty Property Management is Very Helpful with Current Information One May Need to Make a Good Real Estate Decision.  Should it be Trusts, Estates, Tenants, Renters, Fair Housing, HUD Rentals, and more, We are Ready, Willing and Able to use Our Helpfulness for You at Request ........ You can Call or Email Now !
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Tenants can fill out a Credit Application here On-Line

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Our Helpfullness makes a Difference with Your Finanicals. Call Today for Free Helpfullness getting Started with a GOOD Loan. Call Today 951-788-8250 We Are Ready for You !

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Find the Value of the Property of Interest here. Good Luck ! Call or Email Us for any information We Can give You to make a Good Real Estate Decision. Call Today ! TIP: Keep the Squrare Foot Price, that is what the Banks go by.

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Short Sales, Second, HELOC or any other infomation you may need to make a Good Real Estate Decision. We work for You personal Succewsfullness !

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BEST Realty Property Management, Inc.
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